diabetestestIn my last article to you, I told you that I will be telling you an important fact. The fact that the presence of Insulin is not the problem with people that are diabetic.

Diabetes is a problem caused by the disorder of glucose metabolism. Meaning that, it is the inability of blood glucose or blood sugar to be used and converted by the cell of the body. In other words, the problem with people living with diabetes is Insulin Resistance, not the production of insulin.

Let me explain.

Insulin resistance happens when the cell of the body refuses to respond to the presence of insulin due to excessive fatigue of the cell because the cells are “tired” of always processing or working with excess sugar.

I have explained this concept severally in my previous series on diabetes, but I’m doing so again so that you understand why diabetes happen and the root cause of it.

When the cells of the body refuses to respond to Insulin, your blood sugar will always remain elevated.

Since sugars in the blood activates the release of insulin, too much blood sugar being in the body also means that more insulin will also be produced, thereby making a diabetic person to have too much insulin present in the body as well.

So the root problem with people living with diabetes is limiting or turning off the foods that contains and produces sugar.

So you can see, taking diabetic drugs to control the sugar level in the body is a pure waste of time, resources and health. This is only treating the symptoms, not the cause of the problem.

Negative Effects Of Insulin Drugs

Most diabetic drugs tend to lower blood sugar levels. To do that, some of these drugs are “insulin producers”. When these drugs gets into the body, the pancreas, the organ responsible for producing insulin, receives the signal to produce LESS insulin because an alternative “Insulin” is already available. insulin_injection

This obstructs the natural working of the Pancreas overtime such that its ability to continue to produce insulin is stunted overtime.

At this point, your pancreas will continue to produce LESS insulin, and yet the cells of your body are still NOT responding to it. However, because there’s now too much Insulin, the cells of the body is forced to use it to convert the excess sugar, thereby lowering the level of blood sugar in the body.

Used overtime, some of these drugs stop working, and another one is prescribed.

The reason Obesity and Diabetes go hand in hand is because, the obese person has so much sugar in the body, and this subsequently releases as much insulin in the body. So there will be a never ending working of your cells to convert excess sugar to fat and energy using the hormone Insulin.

It’s a matter of time before an obese person becomes diabetic because the cells of the body will eventually become tired of the whole process and “gives up” working with Insulin and thereby becoming Insulin resistant, which is a diabetic condition.

So as long as one is obese and eating junks, there is always a risk of diabetes surfacing anytime.

The Ideal Insulin Condition

The human body is not designed to “Continuously” handle large amounts of sugar for a very long time. It is designed to handle it “Once in a while”.

For instance.

The blood at every point has a natural sugar level. When we eat foods like biscuits, cakes etc that contains high amounts of refined sugar, there’s a quick spike in the blood sugar level, Insulin comes to the aid immediately to level out the playing ground by removing the excess sugar out of the blood and restores it to the natural sugar level.

The excess sugar is stored away in protective organs like the muscles, liver, and fat cells.

So the main work of Insulin is to “Store Away” excess sugar each time there is an occurrence in the blood. Those occurrence should be once in a while, not always.

Since Insulin stores away sugar, would taking more of it as a drug truly cure someone who is diabetic?

Don’t you think that taking more of Insulin drugs will continue to make a diabetic person to store away more sugar and cause more fat to be stored?

Would it not be a better alternative to get more active, eat healthier, so that the conditions that warrant the production of excess sugar and storing it away as fat is not present all the time?

If excess sugar is not present all the time, Insulin production will be minimal, and the body’s cells sensitivity will be improved and eventually the cells will “No longer Always” work with insulin, thereby reversing the condition known as diabetes.

If weight is lost in the process, diabetes condition can be totally reversed.

So you can see that taking more insulin doesn’t solve the problem of diabetes, it only worsens the way it was produced in the first place.

Too much insulin in the body further worsens overtime the cells sensitivity to insulin and exacerbates the diabetes condition.

The effect is similar to that of Caffeine in Coffee. You take Coffee everyday, at first you feel the “alertness” and boost it gives to you. But with repeated use, your body eventually becomes “immune” to the effect, thereby necessitating your need to drink more cups daily which further causes more damage to your mental alertness.

What Next?

I want to believe that you have been properly enlightened on the reality of diabetes, especially Type 2 Diabetes which is life style induced, This can be prevented and treated without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

It has come to my understanding that of all the lifestyle diseases that plague our modern world, diabetes is by far the easiest to reverse. It only takes a careful plan of action, commitment and sticking to the course for the rest of ones life.

This is obviously a better option than taking the route of life threatening diabetic drugs.

If my expose on diabetes resonates with you, and you have found my argument beneficial, then I know you will want to benefit from using a powerful natural herbal supplement called Diabetes Wellness Pack to help you reverse diabetes.

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This herbal supplement has helped thousands of Nigerians with the dreaded disease.

It’s going to be a life saver for several hundreds of my readers.

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On June 4th 2013, The Nation newspaper carried the news that the World Health Organization (WHO) declares Nigeria, the leader in Africa of people living with Diabetes. You can read more of that news from here

That is Nigeria has the highest number of people suffering from Diabetes in Africa. The report also states that Nigeria has the highest mortality rate from this disease.

Another source also said that 78 per cent of people living with Diabetes are undiagnosed and unaware that they have diabetes.


diabetesymptom1With the above statistic, it becomes imperative to be very conscious of this epidemic. Yes, the prevalence of diabetes is now at epidemic proportions. In times past, people think of epidemic as infectious diseases like HIV, SARS, EBOLA, the FLU etc as epidemic.

If a disease is ravaging a great number of the populace, whether it is infectious or not, it’s an epidemic, and so is diabetes.

However, it’s sad that the prevalence of diabetes has reached this point for a disease that is 100% reversible through diet, natural food supplementation and exercise alone. It’s quite sad we have gotten to this point because diabetes is lifestyle-induced disease.

Why The Prevalence of Diabetes?

The reason we now have more people diagnosed with diabetes is because more than ever before, we are becoming lazier, and fatter as a result of eating more artificial foods that are parked full of artificial preservatives, chemicals, refined sugars, colouring etc. We have practically reduced the amount of whole natural foods we eat and for some people, exercising is non existent in their activity.

If you are above 40 years of age, you drink and lead a very stressful, sedentary life without any form of exercise, you could be living with an undiagnosed diabetes. It is always wise to do a regular check up every 3 months to see if you’re diabetic or not.

Diabetes is caused by our lifestyle 98 percent of the time. Genetics also has a role to play, but the effect of genetics is very minimal to non existent if one embraces natural eating, the incidence of diabetes may not come up at all.

Diabetes is reversible. And from studies, it’s one of the easiest diseases that can be reversed using lifestyle modification therapy. As long as you are serious, determined and willing to put in the work to make it happen, it will work for you.

If you are not willing to put in the work to reverse diabetes, then the only alternative is to let medical doctors impose anti-diabetic drugs that will do more damage to your body than good. And the worse thing is these drugs DO NOT solve the problem, they treat the symptoms.

Why do I say treat the symptoms?

Many doctors are good at treating diseases, but they do not have any clue about preventing diseases through proper nutrition and exercise.

While working with a nutritionist, I was made to understand that using only natural foods, supplements, and doing only exercises, one can reverse diabetes naturally.

So if you are a victim of the lies told by the medical world that someone who has diabetes is destined to die or is sentenced to a life of using anti-diabetic drugs, and you are sick to your stomach about all the suffering caused by this, then reading this newsletter is one important information you should pay attention to.

Because diabetes is a dangerous disease if prolonged. The good news is, diabetes is also one of the easiest diseases to completely reversed if you know what you are doing.

What Doctors Would Never Tell You About Diabetes

Regardless of what you may have heard, you cannot successfully treat the underlying cause of diabetes with drugs, regardless of what most doctors tell you.

That is why they place you on many years of anti-diabetic drugs. If the drugs can cure or treat diabetes, there won’t be any point using them year-in, year-out right?

No wonder why we continue to see alarming diabetes statistics as stated in the opening statement of this write up?

What I’m going to say below about pharmaceutical drugs are HARD Truths unearthed through thorough research on years of scientific studies done on treating the dreaded diabetes diseases.

As a healthy living person, I see it as my responsibility to properly educate you on how to overcome diabetes naturally and live with incredible health.

It will be wrong to withhold some information simply because of the fear of exposing the greedy and crooked pharmaceutical companies.

I’m going to expose some of the drugs that have been used in the past to treat diabetes that have been responsible for causing more deaths of patients instead of treating the disease.

Take note that anti-diabetic drugs does any of these two things; they either raise the insulin production and sensitivity in the body where it is non existent or lower blood sugar level.

The UGLY Side Of Pharmaceuticals

Anti-Diabetic Drug #1 – Avandia

A bottle of GlaxoSmithKline Plc's diabetes drug Avandia is pChemical name is Rosiglitazone. I don’t know why this drug is still available based on what I’m about to tell you. But the circulation of this drug is strictly controlled especially in the U.S where it is facing serious scrutiny and investigations.

If you have access to it in Nigeria, DO NOT use please.

Here is the work of Avandia on diabetes patients.

Diabetes is caused by Insulin insensitivity. That is a condition in which the cell of the body becomes insensitive to the insulin produced by the pancreas, therefore the blood sugar produced by the body is left un-attended to.

Under normal condition, the work of Insulin is to convert the sugar in the blood to energy and transfer some others to the liver and fat cells where they will be used. When the cells becomes insensitive to insulin or diabetic, there is continued accumulation of sugar in the body which makes the blood to become more toxic and acidic.

The drug Avandia works to reduce blood sugar, increase the cells sensitivity to insulin so that these produced sugars can be put to use immediately and thus abating the excess storage of poisonous sugar in the blood.

However, while doing that, Avandia has dangerous side effects which is causing extensive heart problems that have already killed thousands of diabetic patients while under treatment.

In fact, Avandia has been linked to a 43 percent increased risk of heart attack and a 64 percent higher risk of cardiovascular death compared to patients treated with other methods!

These results has adversely affected the use of Avandia in the treatment of diabetes so much so that GlaxoSmithKline, the industry giant behind the production of Avandia, has agreed to pay over $520 million in settlements on more than 11,500 out of 13,000 lawsuits against GlaxoSmithKline in the U.S.

Anti-Diabetic Drug #2 – Actos

actos-bladder-cancer-lawsuitChemical name is Pioglitazone. Trade name in Nigeria is Piotazone, Nilgar and Actos.

Although this drug is safer than Avandia with respect to cardiovascular or heart related diseases, the continued use of this drug over a 12 month period in treating diabetes has been found to increase the occurrence of bladder tumors and bladder cancer.

Consequently, it has been withdrawn from some countries as a treatment drug for diabetes. For instances, countries like France, Germany and U.S have all withdrawn such from their market.

If I have the choice of dealing with diabetes naturally or through the use of these toxic drugs, I would always choose to go natural. Hold on a second, I think I have the choice. And so do you.

Anti-Diabetic Drug #3 – Troglitazone

This drug has already been withdrawn from the market because it was found that continued use causes liver failure and consequent death in some people undergoing diabetic treatment.

There are still many other diabetic drugs that have several and severe side effects that I refuse to mention on this write up because of time and other reasons.

The point is, even if a diabetic drug is not YET seen as having any side effects, it will take experimentation for the world to know when these drugs are used on diabetic patients.  It’s only a matter of time before it’s side effects are unveiled.

What if one of these drugs is currently being used on your loved one?

I hope you are starting to see a trend with these anti-diabetic drugs.

Do you think the information I’m presenting to you is biased?

I don’t think so because these are all evidenced from research findings. Even as I read and discover these horrible truths, I’m shocked at the callous nature of the pharmaceutical world, it’s benefits not withstanding, and why life threatening information like this is hidden from the large populace.

A Natural Solution To Diabetes & Hypertension

Have you heard about natural supplements? I mean herbal remedies used to supplements the nutrients in the foods we eat everyday.

It has been found and even evidenced by known doctors, that most of these supplements do a better job in tackling most health problems that drugs can not handle without side effects.

One of such supplements is known as GLUCOFIT which helps in managing and reversing the effects of Diabetes.

Testimonies of people suffering from both Diabetes and High Blood pressure patients have praised this wonderful product and have made these people to live normal lives once more.

If you are suffering from Diabetes or High Blood pressure, using a pack of Glucofit will do wonders to your health.

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I shall be following up on the Part 2 of this write up in the following couple of days. The theme of the write up is going to be: “Why Insulin Is Not The Problem In Diabetes”

Watch out for it, it will open your eyes to yet another reason why Insulin is not the problem with people that are diabetic and how to attack the problem from the root.

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What Are The Best Foods For Diabetics?

no-sugar-diet-300x300The last article I wrote on reversing diabetes got a lot of email responses from people who in one way or the other are directly affected. I was asked several questions including a plea to release an article on natural foods that diabetics can eat.

In my usual habit, I started researching and studying archives in Library and health resources, I even consulted my doctors opinion and a dietician’s and I was handed a large information on exactly how any type of diabetes can be managed, cured or even completely reversed.




First, we are going to take a closer look at the best foods for people with diabetes, or diet for diabetes.

My main reason of starting with diets for diabetics is simply because diabetes is a disease that is getting out of control and if you see the Nigerian statistics for people who are been diagnosed of diabetes everyday, it’s pretty scary and in

the U.S? It’s almost getting out of hand. It’s an epidemic that resulted from our lifestyles.

And more importantly, diabetes is closely linked to obesity and overweight. So even if you are not overweight, you still stand a chance of becoming diabetic depending on your present quality of diet.

Your Diet Plays A Large Role

I’m going to reveal to you specific foods that are good for diabetics and foods you must avoid to be able to treat diabetes naturally.

The reason my first focus is on foods is because from my research studies, and inquiry, I discovered that people with Type 2 diabetes 99% of the time got it because of lifestyle habits overtime. Less than 1% are hereditary.

Why do I say so?

While I was interviewing my doctor at the teaching hospital, he told me that majority of people who had Type 2 Diabetes got it during their Late 30s and Early 40s.

A closer look at the history of the lives of these group of people reveals that they have a heavy doze of the following activities in their youth; lots of alcohol consumption, very stressful jobs, lots of meats, lots of refined sugars

in different types of foods that they eat, and these people generally have a lot of weight on their tummy or belly fat.

All of these are the main reasons people overtime develop type 2 diabetes. In other words, if you are affected by any of the above habits, and you are NOT YET diabetic, chances are that you’re are few months or years away from being diagnosed if you continue with that lifestyle habit few years down the line.

That’s an UGLY truth!

So you can see, why this article is directed at the diabetics, it’s also for the benefit of everyone who is in any way fat.

It’s easier in theory to say we should change our lifestyles, but very difficult to implement, even for myself.

The main culprits of diabetes are eating lots of foods rich in refined sugars and carbohydrates. These foods shoot your blood sugar level through the roof.

The Gate Man – Insulin

You may wonder why I use the word the Gate man to represent insulin. Well, I want to give you a vivid understanding on how people become insulin resistant and consequently diabetic.

An illustration will help you better understand why people develop diabetes and the role of Insulin.

I have spoken about the role of insulin in a previous article on this blog. The primary role of the hormone, Insulin is to convert sugars from carbohydrate foods to energy and store the rest into fat cells.

Excessive insulin is released when there is excessive sugar in the body. However, when the excessive insulin continues, the cells of the body starts to become insulin resistant.

For example, imagine you are the gate man of a big house, and a visitor comes knocking at the gate, on the first few visits, you will gladly open the gate to know who is at the door.

However, if that same visitor keeps coming everyday for no good reason and keep knocking at the gate endlessly, how would you react?

Majority of people will react this way: “Why do you keep disturbing my peace knocking at my gate everyday, please go away or else I will call the police”

If you try to call the police and you are not able to do that, the next thing you will do is to simply ignore the knocking of the “stupid visitor”.  As long as you ignore him, he can’t enter the compound to do whatever he wishes.

The above scenario, is what we call Insulin Resistance, a condition which later develops into early stages of diabetes. A condition where the Insulin produced in the body is unable to convert blood sugar to energy and fat simply because there is excessive amount of sugar in the blood stream from refined sugars.

When I talk about refined sugars, sugars from fruits is not part of this, I mean sugars in processed foods like bread, whether wheat or white bread, baked foods, etc.

Reversing Diabetes – A Clear Path

fruits-for-diabetics-300x199-150x150If you want to set your body to becoming non-diabetic again, there is one thing you need to do first, and that is; look for ways to minimize insulin levels in your body. To do that, you must cut off foods that trigger the release of insulin in the first place, and those foods are the ones that load sugars into the blood stream. Most of them are refined carbohydrates and sugars.



What Type of Foods Should A Diabetic Eat?

If you are Type 2 diabetes, there are certain fruits you can not eat in large quantities. All the fruits that are high glucose types of fruits should be eaten in very small quantities. Such fruits as Bananas, Mangoes, Pineapples, and Watermelon. Most of these fruits are rich in natural sugars. However, here are the type of fruits that will benefit a diabetic person. Apples, Pears, Berries, vegetables like cucumber, carrots, garden eggs etc.

In fact, if you are diabetic, focus on eating these fruits and vegetables to increase the fiber content in your body and restore the health of your blood stream.

What about leafy vegetables? vegetables-300x160All types of vegetables is very healthy and a diabetic can consume as much as possible. Vegetables are best eaten close to their raw state. If you can’t do that, you can cook them for about 5 minutes so that the life giving enzymes and nutrients will be preserved to benefit your body.

What about grains? All white foods should be avoided. Here are the grains that benefits a diabetic person:

  • Millet
  • Brown rice or Ofada rice
  • Beans
  • Soybean

If You’re Not Yet Diabetic, You’re Also Involved Because Your Life May Be At Risk!

This talk about diabetes is not only for the diabetics, it concerns even a non-diabetic person. This is because in one way or the other we are all affected.


Because we are all guilty of western lifestyle habits that endangers our very lives. So instead of going to the beer parlour to relax with few bottles of beer, and hot drinks along with the plenty of meats that comes with the pepper soup, just think about how all of these adds up overtime each time we engage in these activities.

I mean all the sodas, canned fruit juices, Red Bulls, Soft drinks, coffees etc. They all add up little by little over the years, and over time they take their toll on you. A person who is diagnosed diabetic didn’t become one on the day of diagnosis. He became one, 10 years back when he was full of life and refuse to make the same lifestyle changes I talk about here.

In a nutshell, Diabetes doesn’t happen overnight. You can stop becoming one by making a decision today. And if you are already diabetic, you don’t have much time and no choice but to completely eliminate sugar, because excess sugar in the blood stream ravages the cells and organs of your body the same way acids eats the skin of anyone who has an acid bath. It is fatal if uncontrolled.

Today, we see innocent children who at the age of 12 or 15 years are diagnosed as being diabetic. These children are overfed but undernourished. An Obese child, contrary to popular belief is not a healthy child because fatness comes from excess refined sugar and carbohydrates.

And the parents are to blame in cases like this because they over feed their children with junks from all the fast food joints all over the place. Gives them too much biscuits, sweets, candies, bread, cakes, snacks, chewing gums etc. None

of these foods is healthy in the least sense of the word. They are packed with refined “poisonous” sugars and empty nutrition for the child.

As parents, it’s our responsibility to not only eat cleaner for ourselves, but to eat cleaner and choose better foods for our families so we’re better examples for our kids and so they don’t have garbage to turn to when they are hungry.

And if you’re already diabetic and you want to start the journey to reverse the effects of this deadly disease, get a pack of our natural herbal supplement called Diabetes Wellness Pack.

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It has changed the lives of so many Nigerian diabetic sufferers, and can change yours as well if you get it today.

I hope you have learned one or two things from this article and will do well to make major lifestyle changes whether you are diabetic or not because your future life depends on it.

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4 BEST Meals To Eat Before Bedtime!

apples-300x300I’m sure you must have heard many fitness expert inform you that you should not eat beyond 7pm in the night because eating at this period can lead to weight gain as the body is not in an active mood which aids the burning of fat.

I have also written about that in some of my articles and books. And the reason is because of the type of food at our disposal here in Nigeria.

These foods when eaten in the night, cause weight gain coupled with the passive nature of the body at bed time.



However, the truth is, you can actually eat from 7pm till just 15 minutes before bedtime and still lose weight.

How, you ask?

Most people crave for food in the night after eating dinner by 7pm or 8pm.  It is not a good experience for anyone who feels hungry after dinner not to eat just because they are trying to lose weight.

The fact is, food deprivation causes weight gain as the body is programmed to a “starvation mode” which preserves fat instead of burning it when you deprive yourself of food when you are craving.

Today, I’m going to teach you how to eat after 7pm without gaining a single kg of fat in your thighs, belly, and buttocks. This is possible because not every food you eat causes weight gain. There are foods that put your body in a fat-burning phase even while your body is passive while sleeping. These foods will help you to lose weight while you are sleeping.

So if you are the type that has a curfew on dinner, I’m sure you battle with your will power each time you feel hungry after your curfew time, and you won’t be doing yourself any good by not giving the body the food it desires.

Truth is, will power when it comes to eating has a limit, and once you give in to eating just because you are hungry, you find out that you reach out for unhealthy foods in the refrigerator like your Bread, Jam, Margarine, Diet Coke, Juice, or even Biscuits.

So in today’s article, I will introduce you to the best 4 foods you can eat after 7pm and still feel happy with yourself because it will help you to reach your goal of losing weight.

Now before I talk about foods to eat after dinner, I will first suggest the best type of foods to eat in the night and what to avoid completely. If you are trying to lose weight, you must avoid eating foods that are high or rich in carbohydrate at night.

What are these foods?

You may know them I guess (Rice, Cassava products, bread and tea etc)

You must eat from the list below.

  • High Protein Foods – Beans, Moi-moi, Soybean
  • White Meat – Chicken, Turkey, and Eggs
  • Vegetable Salads and soups
  • Sweet Potatoes

Eat Carbs ONLY If You Workout 1-3 Hours Earlier

There is only one condition you can eat carbohydrate foods in the night and not gain weight from eating it. That is if you do a 15 minutes High Intensity workout 1 – 3 hours before bed time. But as it is, most Nigerians do not have time or not even motivated enough to exercise in the evenings, so I will advise cutting out carbohydrate completely.

If you exercise before dinner and eat any type of carbohydrate foods, your body is in a highly active fat-burning mode for the next 24 hours and thus will quickly burn all the fat in the carb food as energy needed to burn the fat and carry out other bodily function while in that state.

So, what type of food should you eat when you feel hungry after dinner?

Here is the best foods to eat

  1. Apples
  2. Watermelon
  3. Cucumber
  4. Carrots

In previous articles I have written on this blog, I have discussed extensively on the role of each of these fruits and root vegetables on weight loss. You may browse around to locate such articles. To avoid snacking on the wrong type of food, ensure you load your refrigerator with these 4 healthy foods in your fridge, so that whenever you feel like eating after dinner, you will just reach out for any of these fruits and vegetables.

When you eat them, they will keep you full, satisfied and guilt free, and above all, you will lose weight eating them because your body will continue in the fat-burning mode as long as food is supplied to it and it will burn away excess fat stored in all the wrong places in the body even while you sleep.

I went deeply about eating this way in The Clean 9 Therapy and so far, it has helped over 500 Nigerians reach their goal of losing immediate fat in those undesirable regions of the body.

I think you should start eating this way starting today if you want accelerated weight loss in your life.

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7 Powerful Reasons To Eat Lemons, The Wonder Fruit!

lemon_7_detoxLemons… Many of us are familiar with this fruit. But we do not really know it’s importance to life.

Are you aware that lemons are among the fruits that have the highest healing powers of diseases on earth?

Do you also know that lemon juice creates an environment in the body that aids rapid weight loss?

How does it do this you ask?

Lemons have the natural powers as a strong anti-bacteria, anti-viral and immune booster, as well as liver and colon cleanser which creates alkalinity in the body that turns it into a fat-burning furnace.

Just recently, science has discovered that in addition to the powers that lemons posses, that they are now an effective aid in preventing poison, and treating other health-related conditions.

In today’s article, I shall be talking about the 7 cures that eating lemon makes possible and how this can help you in maintaining a healthy life.

1. Alkalinize Your Body For Fast Weight Loss

One of the principles I teach is the use of lemon juice to alkalinize the body everyday or 2 – 3 times per week. To do that, each morning, press out lemon juice into a glass of water and drink before going out. The effect this has is that it helps in killing bacteria and cleaning the colon and liver and helps it to become more alkaline.

When the body is alkaline, fat burning is increased, and toxins is washed away. When this happens, there is a gradual process of weight loss overtime.

2. Treatment of Acne

Citric Acid is a substance that helps to treat Acne, and Lemon has it in abundance. Vitamin C is a nutrient that helps the skin to glow, and because Vitamin C is alkaline in nature, it kills some types of bacteria that causes Acne. Lemon is a good source of Vitamin C.

Lemon has a 75% chance of treating early signs of Acne. If you have Acne on your body, this is how to apply lemon to treat it if it has not gone into its very advanced stage.

With a cotton wool, press out some juice onto it and rub over the Acne affected areas, leave overnight and wash off the next morning. Thereafter, mix one part of lemon juice with some honey, rub the mixture over the affected areas, and leave for 30 minutes, then wash off. Do this twice a day until the Acne disappears.

3. Cure Canker Sores of The Mouth

Canker sores are wounds that occur around the mouth or on the lips. If you have this problem, you can get rid of it using lemon juice.

Here is what to do:

Mix one part of freshly pressed Lemon juice into a glass of lukewarm water. Take it into your mouth and gargle or rinse your mouth with this water, then allow it to stay in your mouth for about 3 – 5 minutes, thenlemon pour out.Repeat 3 times in a day. There may be some burning sensation when the lemon water touches those problem areas, those sensations are the destructive effect of lemon water over the bacteria. It will significantly reduce as you continue with the solution.

4. Cold, Runny Nose Or Sore Throat

The healing powers of lemon helps the body internally by supplying the needed Vitamin C required by the immune system to guard against the bacteria from taking root in the body.

When you experience cold or runny nose, taking Lemon is one way to prevent the cold from entering advanced stage. Get a freshly pressed lemon juice into a glass of lukewarm water and drink it every 2 hours.

5. Eliminate Eczema

Eczema is another skin disease just like Acne. To help you with scraping Eczema, you need to use the outer skin of lemon. Press out the oil from the skin, and add about 8 – 10 drops of it into a glass of Lukewarm water. Mix this with a tablespoon of honey.

Get a linen material and soak it with it, then gently place the cloth over the affected area for 15 minutes. Repeat this 2 -3 times daily.

6. Insect Repellant

Lemon can serve as a natural source of insect repellant and are better alternatives. To repel insects, press out lemon oil from the Lemon outer skin layer, add about 20 drops into about 200ml of water and spray into the air. It smells good and repels insects at the same time. If you want to avoid insect or mosquito bite while outside the house in the evening, apply this scented water with lemon oil on your body parts not covered with clothes.

7. Clear Pain and Helps Rheumatism

Lemon is very bitter, but then it’s highly alkaline and combats acidity in the body. Excess acidity contributes to Rheumatism. To help with the treatment or prevention of Rheumatism, drink a glass of lukewarm water mixed with freshly pressed lemon juice 3 times daily.

If there are severe pain in the joints, lemon oil which is extracted from the skin of the lemon fruit can be used to rub on the pain areas as this serves as a pain relieving agents as well.

There are countless uses of Lemon to better health and fight obesity. This list is just a tiny part of what lemons can do. It’s an incredible healing fruit that most of us take for granted.We should learn the habit of using nature’s resources to it’s fullest.

The Clean-9 Therapy is a natural 9 days fat loss pack that among other things contains very effective components which helps to cleanse the digestive system and ensure better nutrient absorption which affects your effort to lose weight positively thereby gain back your health, detoxify your body, and enjoy life to the maximum.

If you want to jumpstart your weight loss for N26,500 only, start with Clean-9 for 9 days,

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How To Battle And Cleanse A Toxic Body!

You’ve been lied to. Toxins are killing millions of people worldwide every week.Yes, You have been lied to by the greedy commercial and industrial systems of our world.

polutionIn today’s message I shall be opening your eyes to how our environment has subjected us to endless toxic waste exposure, affected our lives in general and how this has contributed to the epidemic of obesity in recent times.

Moreso, anyone reading this piece whether fat or not is affected because we are all in the same environment.There is a truth that most people are oblivious of, that truth is;


“The Way You Look And Feel Is Determined By The State Of Health Of Your Internal Body Environment”

What do I mean?

Looking fit is not the same with being healthy. In fact looking fit may be an incubation period & a precursor for a disease brewing up and waiting to wreck havoc on ones health in the near future.An incubation period is a period of time that it takes for a disease to grow from exposure to the signs of symptoms and manifestation.

Though in most cases, a fit person may actually be healthy, but not in all cases. So our main concern should be on being Fit and Healthy. I’m going to apply a powerful illustration to show you exactly what is going on in the body of over 90% of people living today.

Imagine living in an accomodation that all the doors and windows are locked. There is no air conditioning system. The toilet can not be flushed as a result of the fact that there is no water, and the garbage in your waste basket can not be
disposed properly.

If you live inside this house for 5 days, what do you think the place would smell like? The putrid smell of waste from the toilet and dust bin would overwhelm the whole house, making it very unpleasant for every breath of air.

Overtime, deadly bacteria and a swarm of big house flies from the toilet will start taking over. Before you know it, maggots will start creeping out because of the moist but dirty environment.

In fact the whole scene would be like those horror movies where you see a dead body rotting and smelling with plenty of maggots all over the place.

Very disgusting isn’t it?

Well, that is exactly what could be happening inside your body right now if you are unable to remove the build up of toxins and waste in your system. And believe me, this could happening inside almost everyone around you – including yourself.

Scary isn’t it?

Our liver is toxic and had become very sluggish as a result of too much work exerted on it overtime by the consumption of unhealthy chemicals from alcohol, caffeine, processed foods, pollution, sugar, smoking-including second-hand smoke, and pesticides.

In fact, the modern world has made our liver to be overworked, that is why most people have problem expelling waste from their bodies and this has resulted in the build up of toxins to be stored in the fat cells.

Some of the signs and indication of this problem are:

– Constipation
– Releasing of putrid gas – Farting
– Bloated tummy
– Tiredness after climbing a stair case or doing a little work
If this is happening to you, it means that the waste in your body is not properly evacuated the way it should. When you have build up of waste still remaining in your body, it spills this dangerous toxins back into the blood stream which increases the chance for a colon cancer.

Unfortunately, this is happening to majority of the people all over the place, and most likely, you too.

Fortunately, there is a way out.

calcium-supplementsTo detox yourself effectively, you do not need to go chemical. I mean you don’t need to take dangerous drugs or herbal cleansers or products to do this, that would add more poison or toxins to your system.

Remember you are trying to detoxify your body,so making use of compounds or products that are synthetically or industrially produced would not help.

The fact is we’ve been lied to. We have been led to falsely believe that we can lose weight, and detoxify our bodies by using a bottle of pills or so called detoxifiers.

Am I condemning these products? Not necessarily, all I’m saying is that these detoxifiers including weight loss products that comes in a package that are claimed to be “herbal” have passed through factory processes which include the use of “unnatural” chemicals that often times lead to digestive problems.

And more importantly, the peddlers of these products tell you what you want to hear; to use these products and continue living the way you have always like to. This is because it is more profitable for them as you will always come back to buy more of these products when you continue living the way you have always enjoyed.

I’m going to tell you the solution to this problem, but first, I want to give you further signs that your body exhibits that shows that you may be under attack even if you are not fat.

4 Signs Of A Toxic Body – Your Body Is Screaming For Help!

There are many signs, but the ones mentioned below are the most important. If your body is telling you that you are not feeling fine on the outside, then know that it is worst on the inside.

1. Fat & Weight Gain

To protect your vital organs and blood vessels against the damage of acid and toxic buildup, your body relies on fat to stores these deadly toxins. Even if you are on a weight loss diet and you practice regular exercise, your body will try
to hold on to this fat because it is required for protection against excess toxicity.

2. Weak Bones & Arthritis

The bone is made strong by the presence of calcium. When the body and blood stream becomes too acidic because of the presence of toxic overload, it begins to “suck” calcium from the bones to neutralize the acidity in your body. Over time, this drains the bones of sufficient calcium to remain strong and this eventually leads to Osteoporosis, a condition that causes Arthritis.

3. Heart Disease

Heart disease occurs when there is a problem in the arteries supplying blood to the heart. Build up of toxins causes the blood to become acidic. Normally you know what acid can do to a person’s face when the person receives an acid bath, it disfigures the person’s skin.

In the same vein acid in the blood causes the arteries to have “cuts” along the arteries, but because the body has a natural healing process, it uses good cholesterol to ‘patch’ these “cuts” so that normal blood and oxygen flow resumes.

However, overtime if the acidity in the blood is not controlled it will get problematic and an occurence of high blood pressure can take place which may lead to a diseased heart. Uncontrolled high blood pressure leads to heart attack or

4. Rapid Aging

Have you ever seen a 50 year old man who already looks old and another 60 year old person who looks 15 years younger?

The cause is a toxic body. When the cells of the body have surpassed their toxic limit, they will no longer be able to store those toxins in the fat cells anymore. When these happens, the person tends to start growing wrinkles in his

You may wonder how I’m able to know all of these. Beside the fact that I’m a voracious reader, who consumes every material on health quickly, I recently met with a certified nutritionist who opened my eyes and revealed to me the power and the role raw food plays in our lives.

My eyes was opened to secrets and knowledge I never thought existed with eating natural.

Some of the things I discuss here is a just a very tiny bit of what you will get from my subsequent articles so stay tuned for them. Some of these articles i write i based on what I have personally experienced and learnt from eating natural and how this has helped tens of thousands of people to cure diseases and ailments that have defied medical attention.

Nothing beats nature. In fact, there is a direct relationship with humans and plants that God has made available to all of us but we misuse.

I want you to make use of these information i share with you to change your life for good because I have discovered that there is gross misinformation and lack of proper orientation regarding health and life.

So watch out for my next email. When you see it, open it and consume.

P.S: I’m giving away 5 free copies of my up coming product “Weight-Loss Contest” to 5 people who will each send me a well written testimonial on how my products and articles have truly helped them to lose weight.

These 5 lucky people must state how many Kg they lost and the time it took them to achieve these results. Priority will be given to those who send in a BEFORE and AFTER pictures. (If you don’t want your face to show, just let me know).

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17 Foods That RAPIDLY Burns Fat!

My guess is you can’t wait to know about these foods that burns fat in the body. I shall expose these foods to you but after I have discussed the conditions that warrants the working of these foods in the body.

Today, we are going to examine the exact science of how fat is burned in the body and the roles some food types play in the issue of weight loss and fat gain.Now, before we start, I know there are people who have tried a lot of things to
lose weight, yet they are not getting anywhere simply because they are not just getting it.

A lot of people have purchased countless materials on the issue of losing weight but have found out that they are not losing it. Many people wonder, What could be wrong? Is the supplements not working? What about the claim of 20 minutes exercise done 3 times a week, why is it not working even after following it religiously?

The truth is most of us do not understand how fat burning happens. If we do, you will find out that it is just a matter of time in weeks, and all your effort will start paying off big time.

The Science of Burning Fat

The truth is we burn fat everyday, whether we eat or we don’t. As long as we are alive and mobile, fat burning takes place. However, what we want is an obvious fat burning that depreciates our overall sizes both in weight and size. To
achieve that we need a calorie deficit.

fat-burnerHow do we achieve a calorie deficit?May be a better question to ask is;

What is a calorie deficit in the first place?

Well, a calorie deficit occurs when the amount of fat burned is more than the calorie provided by the foods you eat, and the result is weight loss.

In other words, when you eat 2000 calories of food a day and the body burns 2500 calories per day, that extra 500 calories is burnt from the excess fat in the body.So for us to lose weight, we must eat in such a way that our body continues to burn extra calories each day while we lose weight overtime.

How do we achieve this environment in the body?
We do this by understanding how fat burning takes place. So in simple terms, I’m going to explain this.

Introducing The Fat Hormone – Insulin

Insulin is a hormone that processes sugar from carbohydrates in the body. When you eat foods that contain a high carbohydrate content, insulin is released to compensate for the amount of carbs in your body. In other words, when you have high level of carbohydrate in your body, your insulin level is also elevated.

According to scientists, the secret to burning fat lies in creating a hormonal environment in the body where insulin level is lowered or reduced. In other words when you eat your bread or yam in any quantity, insulin rices to the occasion. And one thing insulin does pretty well is storing fat in the body. The amount of insulin released depends on the amount of carbohydrate available at the time and this in turn determines the amount of fat stored away in the body.insulin

But when you don’t have much quantity of these carbs, insulin level is low. When Insulin is low, a healthy environment for fat burning takes place. Therefore to acheive a low insulin level in the body, and therefore burn fat, you must have little amount of carbohydrate in your body at all time.

If you have been fat for a very long time due to your lifestyle, it could be that your insulin level is so high that your fat cells have become so used and “locked” with carbohydrate that fat burning becomes impossible.

If you have been struggling to lose weight overtime and you are not getting the results you so desire, even after numerous exercises, it could be that your Insulin level is high, because the job of insulin is to store fat inside fat cells. That is why we always say that weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. At this point, what do you do to get your body into a fat burning phase?

You need to do a total internal cleansing of your system or body. You can do this by changing your diet with plant based proteins. The work of plant based protein in the body is to “unlock” the weight loss resistance that has been created in the body and force the body to start burning fat once again.

In other words, you need to stay away from eating carbs for few days in a week and concentrate on protein foods such as beans, soybean, tons of vegetables, fruits, plantain, potatoes and lean protein from eggs and fishes.

Role Of Vegetables In Burning Fats

vegetableOnce your Insulin level is under control and lowered for fat burning, eating of vegetables plays a major role in two ways.

1. Consumption of large amounts of vegetables makes you full, less hungry and control your sugar cravings (which may result to release of insulin). In addition, vegetables contain lots of micronutrients responsible for solidifying the immune system of the body and hence you’re less likely to succumb to illness.

2. Eating lots of plant foods like vegetables, onions, cuccumber, etc guarantees that your diet has less of carbohydrates that will trigger insulin release, thus making the body more alkaline and very conducive for a healthy fat burning environment.

The Foods Which Helps You To Burn Fats

After reading to this point, you can now comfortably eat the following foods for the purpose of weight loss. Fact is eating these foods alone will help you to lose weight without exercise.

When you add exercise, you slash the time it takes by half to get results. It should also be noted that while you do not need exercise to achieve weight loss with proper and healthy eating, exercising is an important activity in life and
will go a long way in helping you live a longer life with full vitality.So please do not ignore exercise, it’s very important.

Here are the foods that will help you burn fat

  • All types of edible vegetables
  • Beans
  • Soybean
  • Plantain
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Berries
  • Oranges
  • Lemon
  • Grapes
  • Ginger
  • Green Tea
  • Mushrooms
  • Tomatoes
  • Watermelon
  • Red and Green Pepper
  • All nuts containing Omega 3 fats (Cashew, peanuts, walnuts etc)

The interesting thing about these foods is that they also help in combating the growth of tumor in the body according to scientific research. If you are looking for a way to fast track your fat burning in a healthy and natural way, you simply need to follow the ideas outlined in this article to a very strict degree. And that would mean removing foods that raises your insulin level for few days in a week, and increasing the consumption of the foods above.

The entire process is a nutritional cleanse. In fact in a couple of months, I shall be releasing a system that details an exact meal plan full of vegetables to detoxify the system and help you burn fat in record time.

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Germs Are Not Dangerous – Here’s Why!

I’m sure you believe that germs are the cause of diseases. I also believed the same not long ago, until I was exposed to the truth that germs are not the cause of diseases.

If germs are not the cause of diseases, what then causes diseases?germs

More importantly, how does this relate to losing weight and keeping fit?

I have written a very short report on this topic to answer these questions.

You can download this report from the link below. It is a PDF file. You will need Adobe Reader on your system to download it.

To download, just right click on the link below, select “Save Target As” or  “Save Link As”, and click on “Save” to save on your desktop.

Click here to download now  “Germs Are Not Dangerous… Here’s Why!”

When you are done reading the report, kindly come back to this blog to post your comments about this short report.

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Drink THIS First Thing In The Morning!

There is one simple daily trick that can assist you every morning to detoxify your body system and provide it with a glowing freshness every day.

That trick requires less than 2 minuteswarm-lemon to implement. Once completed you will enjoy the following health benefits:

  • Improved digestion
  • Improved metabolism
  • Improved energy level
  • Cleansed system

Do you know what that daily ritual is?

It is drinking a glass of freshly pressed lemon juice into water.

You see in today’s world our bodies accumulate toxins from everywhere and every source. Talk of the air we breathe, the water we drink, the cosmetics and creams we use, the pesticides, the antibiotics, and other harmful compounds found even in the foods we eat everyday.

All of these pump huge volumes of dangerous toxins into our body systems and these overtime dampens the activity of major organs in our body as acidity levels increases.

One way to help in getting rid of these toxins is learning to make it a daily ritual to drink a glass of water mixed with lemon juice.

Here’s how to do it:

Visit the market, shop for plenty of lemon and store in your refrigerator.

Each morning before you leave home, take a ball of lemon, cut it into 2 parts.Get a glass of purified water and squeeze each half of the lemon into this glass of water.Gently but slowly drink the whole glass of freshly pressed lemon juice.

Drink this at least 10 – 30 minutes before your breakfast in the morning.

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water Each Day?

why-lemonIn fact there are a lot of benefits to drinking Lemon water everyday.

According to a popular health magazine, it reports that:

“The health promoting benefits of lemons are powerful. For centuries, it has been known that lemons contain powerful antibacterial, antiviral and immune boosting components. We know that lemons are a great digestive aid and liver cleanser.
Lemons contain citric acid, magnesium, bioflavonoids, vitamin C, pectin, calcium and limonene, which supercharge our immunity so that the body can fight infection.Lemons are considered one of the most alkalizing foods you can eat. This may seem untrue as they are acidic on their own. However, in the body, lemons are alkaline; the citric acid does not create acidity once it has been metabolized. The minerals in lemons are actually what helps to alkalize the blood. Most people are too acidic (from eating too much sugar and grains), and drinking warm lemon water helps reduce overall acidity, drawing uric acid from the joints. This reduces the pain and inflammation which many people feel. And the American Cancer Society recommends warm lemon water to encourage regular bowel movements.”

So you can see that lemon water has great health advantages. Here are additional benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning.

1. Helps In Weight Loss

Lemon juice helps to improve the activity of the digestive system by removing accumulated toxins, and increasing energy levels. This activity enhances alkalinity in the body which is a condition necessary for fat burning.

2. Improves Digestion

The drinking of lemon water helps indigestion, aids heartburn and improves the body’s ability to digest foods eaten, and that is why it should be taken before meal every day as it acts as catalyst in the digestive processes.

3. Increased Energy Levels

As you slowly drink a glass of lemon water, the soothing taste of lemon calms your nerves and you enjoy that mint freshness that comes from lemon. This improves your mood and energy levels is improved as toxins are flushed from the system through the removal of waste products from your body.

For those who have obtained a copy of The FAB Drink, i recommended that this routine or ritual be carried out along side the use of this FAB Drink as one of the healthiest ways to boost your body’s detoxification process which is a must for everyone striving to lose weight.

Once this ritual is consistent, the other detoxification processes becomes very effective for burning stubborn fats in areas like the tummy, laps, arms etc.

And above all it is one of the most effective ways to detoxify yourself on a daily basis.

For the full detoxification process, you may get yourself a copy of The FAB Drink Here.

Are you a tea lover?

No doubt, there are countless number of teas out there in the world today, but few of them are healthy and natural. Go Here to see what i recommend for you.

By next week, I will reveal to you another very powerful detoxification trick you can observe during the day to help boost your fat-burning ability and keep you a healthier and fit person all year round.

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5 Meal Plans That Improve Diabetic Condition!

A lot of my readers have been asking for a meal plan they could use to effectively reverse type2 Diabetes naturally.

Below is a 5 Day Diabetic meal plan for your regular use:

Day 1:
Breakfast: Sweet Potatoes + Plenty vegetables + Fish (Potato Porridge)
Mid-Morning Snacks: 1 Apple serving
Lunch: Cooked Maize with Raw Coconut
Late-Afternoon Snack: 2 Avocados(pear)
Dinner: Vegetable Salad.

Day 2
Breakfast: Small portion ofada rice + vegetables + Chicken
Mid-morning Snacks: 2 fingers of carrots
Lunch: Cucumber + Groundnuts
Late-Afternoon Snack: 4 pieces of Garden Egg
Dinner: Plantain Amala + Okro soup + crabs/prawns

Day 3
Breakfast: Cooked unripe plantain + Plenty Vegetables +
Snail (plantain Porridge)
Mid-morning Snacks: 1 ball of Orange
Lunch: 3 fingers of Little Riped Banana ) + Groundnuts/Cashew nuts
Late-Afternoon Snack: 2 Cherry (“Udara” in Ibo Language)
Dinner: White beans porridge + plenty vegetables + Crayfish

Day 4
Breakfast: 1 Apple + 4 Garden Eggs + 1 Cucumber
Mid-morning Snacks: 5 Blue Pears (“Ube” In Ibo language)
Lunch: Sweet Potatoes Porridge + Vegetables
Late-Afternoon Snack: 3 slices of fresh coconut
Dinner: Plantain Amala+ Vegetable soup + Cow Skin (Pomo), Fish.

Day 5
Breakfast: Ofada rice + 1 Cooked Egg + Vegetable stew
Mid-morning Snacks: 2 balls of Guava fruits
Lunch:Local Wheat swallow + Okro + Snail/Fish
Late-Afternoon Snack: 2 balls of Avocados
Dinner: Fruits salad of Cucumber, apple, groundnuts, Avocado,
onions all sliced raw.

Testimonies of successful Diabetic Patients:

“I sent in my testimony 3months ago about the efficacy of GLUCOFIT.
I finished the 30 days therapy Ending of November 2015.
I have monitored
my sugar level daily since that time and I am happy to let you know
that I am now diabetes free. My FBS has been stable at 4.1mmol
since November. Thank you so much for making these Supplements

“My name is Hamisu from Kano. I waited for 5months before sending
in this testimony just to be sure that I am indeed totally free
from diabetes.
I engaged GLUCOFIT, VITOFIT and Fit One. And this is 5 months now.
I have been free. My sugar level has stabilized at 4.3mmol to 4.9mmol.
My protruded tommy is almost flat. These forever living products are
working wonders. I have since been referring all my diabetic friends
to you. Thank you” Hamisu.

“I bought GLUCOFIT and VITOFIT in October 2015. At that time my
blood sugar was 21mmol and I had lost every sexual urge. My
had practically stopped working. I took your supplements for 30days.
By the tenth day my blood sugar had gone down to 7.3 mmol. By
ending I tested and it was 4.2mmol. The most amazing part of the
thing was that I became sexually active again and my wife is so
to God for using you and these supplements to restore me back to
health. I am now referring people to you. Thank you very very much.
Linus from Calabar.”

“Good afternoon sir. I am sending in this report to let you know that
your GLUCOFIT works. I was a little bit disappointed when I saw that
they are forever living products. But I decided to try it as you advised
and here I am 3weeks after usage my blood sugar dropped from
17mmol to 6.8mmol.
Well I am ordering for another pack because of this tremendous
improvement even
though you said I won’t need more than a pack.
Thanks for making GLUCOFIT available”
C. C. Umor. Porthacourt.”

“Good afternoon sir. I must thank you for the complimentary
products you
sent to me. I am deeply grateful. I bought a pack of GLUCOFIT for my
mother 2weeks ago and I must say that the product is improving
her condition.
Her sugar level was 14.3mmol before she commenced the GLUCOFIT
As I am sending this sms to, her sugar level has dropped to 8.1mmol.
This improvement is remarkable. I must also add that her fingers that
used to shake uncontrollably are now stable. I am certain that by the
time she is through with the 30days usage, her condition would have
improved again. Thank for this job well done.

“Good day sir. I have been on your GLUCOFIT with my metformin
for 1 month now.
My blood sugar is now 120(6.6mmol) from 380(21.1 memos) one
month ago. I need
to commend you for all your education on diabetes management
with the use of
your forever living products. Congratulations”
A. Stephen. Ibadan.

“Dear Sir, I am indeed very ecstatic as I sending you my testimony.
When I called you to order for GLUCOFIT , my blood sugar was
1 was very scared because my Doctor said it was very very high.
Well I ordered
for GLUCOFIT . I have used them for 10days now and my blood
sugar is now
only 7mmol(126). I am so happy. Additionally, I lost 5kg in
weight already.
My body is lighter. I love the way I feel now” I have started
telling people
about it.keep up the good job”
Omotoyosi . O. Ado Ekiti.

“I initially had my doubts about the efficacy of GLUCOFIT dealing
with diabetes.
This is my 17th day of taking GLUCOFIT and it’s been amazing.
With all my prescription
drug my blood sugar has always been in the range of 12mmol
for a long time. The
3rd day I started taking GLUCOFIT, I discovered that my blood sugar
went down to 9mmol.
Wow. For me this is a miracle. As I am sending you this, it has
further dropped
to 7mmol I am so optimistic that by the time I’m done with the
30 days, my blood
sugar would have been totally reversed. Thank you so much for
making these
supplements available. You will hear from me soon”
Abubakar. Abuja.

“I am Joel from Bauchi. I sent my staff to your IKEJA office to buy
for my sister who is diabetic. Today is her tenth day and surprisingly
her blood
sugar has dropped from 14mmol to 5.4mmol. This is amazing.
What should we do now?
Should she continue or stop since the blood sugar has come
down considerably.
Thank you for response..”
Joel. Bauchi

“Dear Sir, I am indeed very ecstatic as I sending you my testimony.
When I
called you to order for GLUCOFIT , my blood sugar was 20mmol(378).
1 was very
scared because my Doctor said it was very very high. Well I ordered
I have used them for 10days now and my blood sugar is now only
I am so happy. Additionally, I lost 5kg in weight already. My body
is lighter.
I love the way I feel now” I have started telling people about it.
Keep up the good job”
Omotoyosi . O. Ado Ekiti.

“I waited for two months before sending in this testimonial because
I wanted
to be certain that my father was totally cured. I bought your GLUCOFIT
August 2015 for my father who was partially paralyzed because of
After one month of usage, he began to walk again. His blood sugar
has been
reading 4.2mmol consistently since September. Honestly, this is is
I pray God will continually endow you with wisdom. Please continue
the good
work you are doing”
Olayiwola. Ilorin.

Your own testimony should be next.

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