Women over the age of 40 can enhance fertility
and increase the chances of conceiving a child.

A woman over 40 has a small window of opportunity
to have a baby before approaching the finish line
of the childbearing years.

There are ways to enhance fertility so you can get
pregnant, and the process can be rewarding.

Below are the 6-steps to get started…

Step #1: Take A Fertility Supplement

In one isolated study, Fertility supplements increased
fertility in women. The study showed that 12 out of 16
women who were previously infertile became pregnant after
few months of using fertility supplements.

One of such supplements is the Fertility Cleanser as
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Step #2: Get Physically Active

Losing some weight before pregnancy may help you get in
shape and prepare for the physical exertions that come with
carrying and delivering a child.

However, too much exercising or weight loss can interfere with fertility.

A good exercise program to enhance fertility would include a combination
of aerobic and strength training exercises, 30 minutes a day, five days a week.

If you get the Fertility Cleanser as shown above, I will give
you workout videos for FREE on the type of exercises to engage

Step #3: Track Your Ovulation

The only viable way for women over 40 to track ovulation is
by looking at the consistency of your vaginal discharge.

Just before ovulation occurs, and until ovulation ends,
cervical fluid looks like egg whites and becomes slippery.

Women over 40 cannot predict ovulation as accurately as
younger women can because menstrual cycles are irregular
and ovulation kits are unreliable.

Step #4: Reduce Your Stress Level

Many women who have unexplained infertility can conceive
if they remove stress from their lives.

For stress reduction, practice a form of meditation or go
for a walk. Talk about your stress to a friend, family member
or counselor so you have an outlet for stress from a reliable
support system.

Step #5: Improve Liver and Kidney Health

You must have a strong and healthy liver and kidneys in order
to conceive and carry a child.

Avoiding drugs, alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes will improve
liver and kidney health. Some prescribed medications can
interfere with fertility.

Above all using a Fertility Cleanser will ensure that your
liver and Kidney are healthy and free of toxins.

Step #6: Try Different Lovemaking Positions

Elevate your uterus during and after intercourse.
The Doggy style or Missionary sex position is great
for conception to happen.

The reasons is…

Sperm have a hard time navigating upwards when a woman is
on top of her partner when having intercourse. Likewise,
sperm fights gravity when you elevate your uterus after

After intercourse, place a pillow under your thighs and
lay on your back for about 30 minutes after intercourse.

If you have a tilted uterus, place a pillow under your
thighs and lay on your stomach for 30 minutes. This allows
the sperm to reach the uterus quickly for implantation to

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