The experience below is from a long time customer of mine and reader who was introduced to the Health Advice For All Nigerians blog by her sister. She is now free from fibroid forever.

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It all started with a little belly that would never disappear. At the same time I lost more blood than usual during my periods. It was terrible at times. The bleeding during the periods became heavier and lasted longer. One day I started to bleed through my jeans during a visit at my daughters’ school and this was the 4th day of my period!

This was right in the middle of the assembly hall – it was so embarrassing and I’ll never forget it. As if I was not well prepared to manage my periods at my age of 39 years! This was perhaps one of the most embarrassing moments in my life. I’m even ashamed to write about it but I insist in telling you a true story of how I was suffering with my fibroids so you don’t have to feel embarrassed yourself.

Due to the loss of blood, which contains a lot of iron, I developed an enormous craving for  eating Ugu/vegetable stew to compensate for the loss of iron in my body. In fact, I was the most regular customer of a particular restaurant, only eating heaps of vegetables while I told them always to forget about the meat because that wasn’t prepared before 8 am!

I would get really upset if my vegetables weren’t ready yet. My craving for iron went even further out of hand. I would wake up in the morning and could only think of eating “calabar/wuzu” or that dangerous clay stuff with zero nutritious value before doing anything else. This craving for iron was a result of my anemia, caused by the loss of blood. Each month during my periods I would loose more blood in a few days than my body would make during the entire month.

As a consequence of my anemia I was very quick to go out of breath and couldn’t do any physical exercise as I used to do before. Once I was shopping for Xmas at a Mega Plaza in Lagos and I fainted in the presence of my youngest daughter when climbing up the stairs to only the 3rd floor. The lady in the shop was really worried and quickly offered me a seat and some water to recover. Generally, I would have many occasions when my legs would be swollen after standing for a long time.

From the moment that my husband realized that I was getting kind of unhealthily pale in the face and too white around my pupils and eyelids while he started discovering my hiding places for the “calabar/wuzu/clay” (these are absolutely not recommendable!), he advised me to see my doctor to measure my hemoglobin level in my blood. This will actually indicate if you have anemia.

I went for the test and was supposed to return in 60 mins to get the results. Well, before the 60 mins had elapsed I received a phone call from the doctor. She seemed to be panicking herself, which is quite unusual for a doctor, and saying that my situation was alarming and she wondered how I was still standing with hemoglobin levels of hardly 50% of what was required. I needed 1.5 liter of blood immediately! These are the equivalent of 3 pints of blood so I spent the same night in the hospital until the next evening.

Okay it was clear, I had anemia but what had actually caused it?

The next day a hospital scan showed that I had large 4 fibroids.

When my sister heard about my fibroid problems she introduced me to the Fibroid Care Pack.

I had nothing to loose, as I was desperate for a cure, so I bought several Fibroid Care Packs. This relatively “inexpensive treatment” assisted me in having less heavy periods. I said “inexpensive” because I was charged almost N3million in one hospital for a fibroid surgery.

Since my body is sensitive to ovarian cysts, I used it for a long time in order to avoid either more fibroids or an increase in size. Meanwhile, it actually reduced the size!

Since my own case was pretty extreme, I finally decided at my age close to the menopause to undergo a major surgery (hysterectomy).

For women that still want children this is not an option of course; a minor surgery (myomectomy) or focus on shrinking your fibroids will be your preferred choice. Also women with mild to medium forms of fibroids would rather focus on shrinking the size or avoid a return after a minor surgery.

For this purpose the Fibroid Care Pack might be just good for you! Please consult your medical doctor first to advise you to which category you belong.

End of story


If you need the Fibroid Care Pack, I recommend you go for a 2 or 3 months pack for greater results.
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