I’m always on the look out for processed drinks that healthy people can take without risking their chances of gaining more fat. Of course we all know that we must get rid of majority of the drinks sold out there if we must achieve our aim of losing weight.

Normal drinks like all forms of soft drinks or what we normally call “Minerals” alcoholic drinks, Can or bottled juice of any flavour and some beers.

But I have been taking a particular type of healthy processed drink that does the opposite of what the above processed drinks do. In fact there are actually very few processed drinks that is good for the person willing to live a healthy life.

You want to know the drink?

It is called Soy Milk drink

This drink is made from a local bean called Soya beans. I’m sure you know this highly proteinous food already.

A lot of men especially have chosen this drink because of the added health benefits that taking this milk gives to the body. Apart from the fact that this food drink contains one of the highest sources of proteins in foods, it also has plenty of fiber contents which is good for a healthy body.

Now, let’s explore a little on how Soy milk is made from Soyabean (I have some rough idea)

The beans is soaked overnight, then grinded to make a pulp. This pulp is squeezed to produce the liquid milk which is now boiled for some minutes to produce Soy milk. I guess that’s the basic idea of Soy milk production.

So you can actually produce Soy Milk locally and take it at home. However if you are the very busy type or simply don’t have the process to produce a good Soy Milk, then you may patronize the supermarkets for a brand of Soy Milk called Vita-Milk. I have placed the picture of that above on this blog.

In fact, this is the exact processed drink I talked about. It taste so good that you feel you are missing out once you take one. I have learned to replace other unhealthy drinks that I previously take by habit with this very drink (though processed).

But why should you incorporate this very drink (Soy Milk) into your diet?

Well, it is because the health benefits of taking Soy Milk is immense. Let’s take a look at some of them below:

Cholesterol Reduction

A research study from the University of Maryland Medical centre in the U.S notes that the consumption of Soyabean products including Soy Milk helps both men and women to reduce their bad Cholesterol levels; consequently reducing health risk factors like the chances of having a heart disease. For this to happen, there should be a steady but moderate consumption of Soy products.

Minimal Risk Of Prostate Cancer

The consumption of soy products has been associated with a drastic reduction or prevention of cancers specifically for men. Thirteen different Scientific studies conducted over the years by the Maryland medical research centre in 2009 which was published in an online journal titled “Nutrition and Cancer” has confirmed the prevention of prostate cancer for men who regularly consume Soyabean or it’s products.

Enhances Strong Bones In Men and Women

There is a component in Soy milk called ‘Isoflavones’ which helps in building a stronger bones for men and women who are on a regular soy milk diet. For those who consume soy milk, the bone disease known as Osteoporosis and weak bones which is commonly known to affect millions of women worldwide, they are spared from incident of this bone disease.

No Lactose

Lactose is a component found in most milk. However, for some men, eating a milk with Lactose causes them indigestion (Lactose Intolerance), and they tend to look for other options to replace milk. For such people, soy milk works as a healthy alternative for use in meals, shakes and on cereals.

Soy milk as good and safe as it is, an online journal from National centre for complementary and alternative medicine reports that some men may experience allergies or reactions to Soy milk.

Is Soy Milk Good For You?

Speaking from a personal experience of my consumption of VitaMilk and Soyabean, mine has been very positive and refreshing. I practically drink a bottle of Vitamilk daily as I consider is as a part of my diet. If you are having any form of health issues or food allergies, you may wish to consult your physician to ensure the health benefits of consuming Soyabean products outweighs any potential health risks.

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